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Where Does The Rubbish Go?

You may wonder what happens to your rubbish after it’s placed in a skip. As a reliable skip hire company, we ensure all waste materials are disposed of according to the current landfill and council guidelines, so you do not have to worry about anything once your skip waste has been collected.

Firstly, the rubbish is taken to our site and sorted in a way where any larger items are removed to make sorting materials easier. We can then sort out which items require recycling and can remove any hazardous materials during this process. There are some items which cannot be put into a skip such as medical waste and even some types of building materials.

After sorting out the rubbish it then goes on to loading bays to be screened, shredded, compacted or incinerated. Building materials such as bricks, concrete and glass are often recycled to save further waste. Some materials can be of value and therefore we would usually send these off to the appropriate facilities to be reused. Scrap metal is often higher in demand as this can be recycling for building project and can also be supplied to other countries. Your garden waste can be passed onto specialist facilities which can turn the waste into compost for other gardening projects.

Here at Evergreen Skip Hire, we assure your waste will be handled with good care once it’s in the skip. We believe it is important to work ethically in order to save further waste from going to landfills.

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