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If a skip is to be placed on private land then a permit is not required, however to place a skip on the public highway without first applying for and being granted a licence is an offence under The Highways Act and may result in prosecution, therefore please inform us when calling where the skip is to be placed and we will advise accordingly. The local authority do charge a small fee for the permit but we will make all the arrangements necessary ahead of delivery.
This depends on what you plan put in it. Our skip size page provides some further guidance on what each size skip will hold.
Our standard hire period is up to 2 weeks, please discuss with us if you require the skip for longer. If a permit was required for your skip then this may need to be extended. Give us a call when you need the skip collecting and we will remove it as quickly as possible.
Usually we can deliver the same day if required or we can book it for the day of your choosing. In very busy periods we aim for next day at the latest.
All skips have a fill level marked on them, we ask that you keep to this level to prevent overloading. Overloaded skips can present health and safety issues for our drivers and risk breaching road traffic legislation in regards to vehicle weights and unsafe loads. We may have to reject an overloaded skip which we do not want to do so please be mindful of this when filling.
We will collect it when you are ready just give us a call and in most cases we will collect within 24 hours. If you need the skip to be removed urgently just let us know and we’ll do our best to accomodate.

Please contact the office and we will try to accommodate if we can.

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Our skips have a few restrictions that need to be followed otherwise there will be additional charges. This includes:

  • Up to 33 inch tyres £10 + VAT
  • Large tyres £20 + VAT per tyre
  • Fridges £25 + VAT
  • Large commercial fridges £50 + VAT
  • Asbestos NOT ALLOWED
  • Gas canisters NOT ALLOWED
  • Mattress £25 + VAT 
  • Hazardous waste NOT ALLOWED
  • Skips need to be levelled fill otherwise there will be an additional charge of £54 + VAT
  • Food Waste NOT ALLOWED
  • Only ONE Roll Of Carpet ALLOWED

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