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How much is skip hire?

Hiring a skip can be an essential part of any activity that creates a large amount of waste, from construction to home clearance. At Evergreen Skip Hire, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a high degree of flexibility, with 6 sizes of skip available for flexible time periods. With such a high standard of service offered, you would be forgiven for expecting that we would charge premium prices. In fact, we are experts at offering premium service for an affordable price.

Our skip hires range from £135 to about £500. This broad range means that you should be able to find a skip that fits your budget, whatever it is. There are a few factors which determine how much your skip hire will cost. 

Firstly, and most importantly, the size of the skip. Smaller skips are cheaper to hire, starting at £135, whereas the larger models can cost more. Because of the wide range of skip sizes that we offer, from 2 yards to 16, you can be sure that you will be able to hire a skip that is the right size for your needs, and not have to pay more for a skip that is excessively large.

There are a few other factors which can also impact the price. For instance, it is sometimes slightly more expensive to put a skip on a public highway than on private land, and delivering a skip to a location that is further away, or for a longer period of time, can also marginally increase the cost.

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